Insert Specifications and Delivery Details

Size Specification

Inserts are usually positioned between the magazine and the polythene wrapping. The minimum size for any insert to be mechanically inserted is 150 mm x 105 mm. No item should exceed the magazine trim size of 297 mm x 210 mm. Items which do not meet required specifications may have to be included by hand in which case additional charges will be incurred. Any item which is likely to be irregular in shape eg. pack cut-outs, gatefold etc. should be sent prior to acceptance to ensure it can be mechanically handled. Inserts can be centre stitched, separate specifications apply. Touch-glued items can be applied to advertisements, please ask for details.

Minimum Paper Weight

90 gsm for single sheet, 80 gsm for 4 page insert, 65 gsm for 8 pages or more.

Delivery Presentation

Inserts to be delivered not later than 4 working days prior to mailing date and not more than 2 weeks in advance. Specific delivery dates will be given at time of order confirmation. Inserts will only be accepted between the hours of 8am and 4pm Monday to Thursday, and 8am to 3pm on Friday. Deliveries outside these times may be refused.

Inserts should be stacked in large bundle quantities with the minimum turns as follows:
Under 8 pages – no turns, 8-12 pages in turns of 500, 16+ pages in turns of 100

Pallet Delivery

Inserts should be correctly stacked level on pallets and the pallets in good condition to allow them to be stacked two high if necessary. Pallets must be adequately wrapped and protected to avoid damage in transit.

Boxed Inserts

If cartons are used then the weight of each carton should not exceed 25 kgs.
Inserts should be unbanded and stacked in the same direction – no turns.

Stitched Inserts

These require special finish/delivery instructions depending on the required presentation. Please ask for confirmation prior to printing/folding.

Delivered items must be boldly labelled BRITISH DAIRYING and month of issue. Where possible a sample of the insert should be attached to each box/pallet. A delivery note must  accompany inserts and should show : Name of insert, Total quantity delivered (and number of boxes/pallets), BRITISH DAIRYING and month of issue.
If the inserts are to be delivered by a carrier please ensure instructions are given that the delivery note is to be attached to the outside of the box/pallet.
Inserts which arrive on site in a damaged condition or in a state which requires extra handling will be subject to additional charge. Delivery may be refused if operators consider pallets/boxes/inserts unfit for handling.

Delivery Address

BRITISH DAIRYING C/O Warners Midlands Plc. The Maltings, Manor Lane, Bourne, Lincolnshire PE10 9PH Tel: 01778 391071 Contact: Shirley Smith

Please note: Any inserts remaining after mailing are not saved/returned unless otherwise instructed.

Further information from: Malcolm Bridges 01438 716220


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