British Dairying for the dairy farming industry

Reach your market

Established in 1994, British Dairying reaches, to the best of our knowledge, more dairy farmers than any other agricultural publication – 10,984 farm copies (January 2018) including 1,833 to mainly larger herds in Northern Ireland, where it is the only independent specialist dairy publication widely available. Unlike other dairy publications, farm circulation is not restricted by herd size or publication frequency and for many milk producers British Dairying is the only dairy publication now freely available to them. That’s a lot more opportunities for your advertisement to be seen and responded to, which is perhaps why some advertisers remark on an increased level of enquiries.

High visibility and impact for your message to be seen by readers

Unlike other specialist market publications, British Dairying’s generous ratio of advertising to editorial (rarely above 50%) means we provide more editorial pages than ads per issue. This ensures high visibility and impact, and maximises the chance of your advertisements being seen by readers. We avoid composite pages of advertisements that reduce the chances of your ad being seen and read. All advertisements are therefore either on the same page as or facing editorial.

Editorial input

The editorial is a blend of practical and business information, supplied by a range of dairy market sector specialist journalists and a variety of research, advisory and dairy associated organisations and edited by Mike Green, a renowned journalist whose family were dairy farmers. Comment is provided by the well known and authoritative dairy industry commentator and journalist Barry Wilson. During the year we cover a number of areas and events that are likely to be of particular interest. One or more of these may be especially pertinent to your product or service, so you may wish to see our editorial schedule of special topics.


British Dairying has a long proven readership verified by independent reader research. As you might expect with a specialist dairy publication, British Dairying’s readership among dairy farmers has, over the years, proved to be higher than national weeklies.

Precise targeting

The number of dairy farms continues to decline. Figures show a GB total of 10,607 of which 7,871 are in England, 1,762 in Wales (FSA January 2016) and 974 in Scotland (SDCA January 2016). Figures for Northern Ireland (from DARD June Census 2014) are less up to date and show 2655 holdings classed as ‘dairy’ farm type. This is all dairy producers irrespective of herd size. Advertisers can easily reach this high input spending market with British Dairying – you don’t have to take a sledgehammer to crack a nut!

Flexibility for advertisers

A wide range of advertisement sizes are available and rates are structured to provide the lowest cost per thousand farms reached – to be the most cost efficient publication available based on rate card. In addition to advertising space within the publication, we also offer the facility to place inserts. These can be placed on an ‘all farm’ basis or split between GB and Northern Ireland.

Advertisement copy is usually required during the first week of publication month and inserts three working days prior to publication date. Details of the specifications required can be found on the advertising specifications page.

For further information please contact Nicola Jardine on 01342 313450 / 07825 872661 or complete our information request form.

As well as offering free distribution to qualifying dairy farmers, British Dairying is available on subscription to enable anyone with an interest in the industry to keep abreast with developments. Alternatively you can subscribe at lower cost for access to online copies only.

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